Bowel sluggishness with increasing age

This is a topic most people prefer not to talk about – and yet constipation is quite common with advancing age, especially women. If your digestive system doesn’t work as it used to, those affected tend to feel helpless and stressed, so they turn to laxatives. MICROLAX® is a fast-acting remedy for constipation with low risk of bowl dependence, which you can use whenever you like.

Why do older people suffer more often from constipation?

Constipation is not an illness in itself but a symptom. As we age, changes take place in the intestine. It expands and so creates more storage space for the body’s waste products. This means that the stool remains in the intestine for longer, increasing the probability that more fluid will be extracted from it and causing it to harden. Also, constipation is induced by external factors described below.

Factors which effect bowel sluggishness in old age.

With increasing age, many people undergo not only physical changes but also radical transformations of their personal circumstances, which all favour constipation:

  • aged-related medication (e.g. anti-rheumatics)
  • diet containing less fibre than before
  • inadequate exercise because of physical limitations/immobility
  • poor fluid consumption if the sensation of thirst diminishes

Fast and predictable help for constipation

Most laxatives don’t act for the first 6-8 hours, and others only after 1-2 days. People often just passively accept this loss of control over their daily lives. But with MICROLAX® you can once again organise your day the way YOU like. Usually, within 30 minutes, you will experience relief, just like a normal bowel movement. MICROLAX® acts locally in the rectum and has very minimal effect on intestinal activity, so there is a low impact on bowel activity, unlike other laxative remedies which may do so. There is a low risk for dependence.

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